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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pakej kahwin!

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Assalamualaikum... Hi... Apa khabar? It's Saturday evening and even though I spent this whole morning sleeping, I'm really glad I've finished most of the tasks that I'd planned for today like fetched lil sister from school, did laundry, cleaned the house & cooking. So yeay! Hehe... :)

I'm getting married by the end of this year, Insyaallah...
My mom initially wanted to take Qareezma Design a.k.a Elwai (my big brother's wed consultant) as my wedding consultant but I said I wanted to do it all by myself. Tak sedar masa tak cukup semua. Haha...

So here's the story of my "estimated-two weeks-wedding journey" before I finally decided to take Qareezma Design. Why is it called Wedding Journey? That's because I actually dragged my legs to many bridal boutiques around KL, where my mom had to follow and helped me to decide. The results: NONE!

Mak ku bercita rasa tinggi yea... She wants Hatta Dolmat! She kept comparing all the dresses in the boutiques to Hatta Dolmat's. Haha... mana boleh macam tu.. Tak dapat la... I'd earlier called Hatta Dolmat and asked about the pricing and all. RM5000 harga untuk tempah jahit baju Nikah (tidak termasuk kain). Baju nikah yea tuan2 puan2...bukan wedding dress. Wow... kalau saya jutawan nak la jugak.. but maybe soon! By the way, Hatta Dolmat sounded really nice on the phone especially that I had his cute face pictured on my mind that time. Haha! ;p

 Please tell me how can I not like Hatta Dolmat's design? It's freaking GORGEOUS!
Finally, my mom and I found this one boutique in Ampang Park that had absolutely gorgeous wedding dresses! Really! I felt like wanna buy them right then and there! The prices were not so bad with that very good quality... RM2800 and above.

MURAH?? cakap macam orang kaya je kan... haha! But since I'm not that rich YET!, I decided to find another alternatives. I initially planned to make my own wedding dress and just send it to tailor but then again I'll have to deal with lotsa things when I don't have that much time. 

Baju kat Ampang Park tu lebih kurang macam ni.Cantik kan? rm2800...Harga pun cantik kan?Haha...

So that time, my check list was all a blank sheet!Except for photographer, I've booked Mazelensa which I think is Amazing!  Hehe... :)

By the end of the day, my mom already got tired with all the wedding dress and catering hunting so she told me that she's going to meet Lutfi from Qareezma Design. I was like Okay... So the next day, there we were in Qareezma Design office in Wangsa Maju, very near to my office. Boleh jalan kaki. huhu..

All I can say is Qareezma Design may just have evolved/ changed a lot since my brother's wedding 3years ago. What I like most about them is they will make a new wedding dress & according the design that I want! Kain nanti kitorg pilih sendiri kat Jakel. YEAY!!! Baju nikah pun nanti diorang jahitkan free! Lutfi pun sangat tak berkira okay... Sabar jela my mom mintak itu ini...haha!

 So here's the design that I would like to have for my wedding dress.
Di bawah adalah contoh-contoh Pelamin dan meja pengantin di Qareezma Design/ Elwai. Semua bunga hidup yea...yeay! However, I do have some ideas to be added on the Pelamin design so hopefully it'll look better. ;)

 Macam cantik pulak tema hitam putih kan? I LOVE!

Ok, thanks for reading! Next post I'm going show a make up tutorial. Take care!


lovelyadibah said...

Huhu..chaiyok2!!:)bestla dpt tukang jahit for free.

zuliana_me said...

Adib: Hehe...nasib baik. Tp kat kajang pun ade tukang jahit baju kawin yg best kan. rm200-300 je dgr kata. tp lupa pulak nama die.

yana said...

yeke....kajang ktne tu zuliana? kot2 la skg ni dh ingat balik.hehe

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